World of Warcraft Fishing Bot & Guides - 100% Safe & Updated for MoP & Patch 5.4

Fishing Bot and Guides Updated for Mists of Pandaria


Our World of Warcraft Fishing Bot duplicates the Same Movements of a Human Fishing, Without Anyone Actually Fishing!

If you are looking for a wow fishing bot that is easy to use, full of features, 100% Safe, updated for the latest patches and Mists of Pandaria, undetectable, and comes with 24/7 365 Member support.

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This WoW Fishing Bot is:


  • Undetectable - This fishing bot is a pixel based fishing program so it is impossible to tell the difference between the fishing bot and a human being.


  • Easy to Use - This fishing bot is in an easy to use GUI so there is no writing, editing, or compiling your own scripts. The average time to setup this fishing bot is less than 1 minute.


  • 100% Safe - Other fishing bots have Trojans, key loggers, or spyware. However our Fishing Bot is 100% safe backed up by our guarantee.


Our World of Warcraft Fishing Bot will automatically perform the following actions:


  • Buff fishing pole with best available bobber/bait
  • Cast fishing line
  • Open bobber when fish is hooked
  • Loot fish


Additional Features Include:


  • After Hearth back to town / logout of World of Warcraft
  • Fight Aggroing Mobs
  • Beep on tells / logout on given amount of tells
  • Take breaks
  • Capture screenshots of tells received
  • Change program title Testimonals












Our Member Only Fishing Bot Package Includes:

WoW Testimonals

100% Safe and Working World of Warcraft Fishing Bot

This fishing bot is updated for the latest patch 5.4 and Mists of Pandaria. It is the only 100% safe and working fishing bot online!

Easy To Follow Fishing Bot Guide and Video

All of our bots, programs, and scripts comes with easy to follow guides including video guides.

Million Gold Fishing Gold Guide

This clearly and simply explained guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make millions of gold by fishing. It was created and written by some of the wealthiest world of warcraft players and now you will know their wealth making secrets!

Complete 1-600 Fishing and Cooking Guide

Discover how easy it is to get to level 1-600 in cooking and fishing from following this easy to follow guide.

The Best Fishing Spots in Pandarian Guide

Learn about the secret fishing spots that will make your bags filled with valuable fish and items. Professional WoW Players wrote this guide.


24/7 365 Customer Service

Once you become a member of you will be able to contact our member support team that consists of professional WoW players who will solve any problem that you have!

Member Request Service

When you become a member of, you can enjoy the special perks of the member request service. All you have to do is e-mail us with something that you want like a program or guide and we will make it just for you!

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When you become a member of you will enjoy a free membership to This site has thousands of the best World of Warcraft Guides. Veteran and professional World of Warcraft Players created the guides.


Bonus - Free Lifetime Membership to - $75 Value

When you become a member of you will enjoy a free membership to This site has thousands of the best World of Warcraft Guides. Veteran and professional World of Warcraft Players created the guides.


World of Warcraft Fishing Bot Patch 5.4
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  • A World of Warcraft: MoP Fishing Bot that Mimics Human Movements - Our WoW Fishing bot is Undetectable, Easy to Use, and 100% safe. It is updated for Mists of Pandaria patch 5.4. It comes with lifetime updates and 24/7 tech support. Learn More About Our WoW Fishing Bot.



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  • Easy to Follow, Comprehensive, & Detailed Fishing Guides & Video Guides - All of our member only Fishing Guides come with detailed pictures and coordinates and were written by WoW fishing veterans who have put years and years of knowledge, tips, and secrets into them. Giving you the best and easily readble WoW Fishing Info that you can have.




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Here are what some Members are saying:


Emily Felton

Area 52

I have tried using other fishing bots but found them all to not updated and buggy. I am so happy that I found your site because I love the fishing bot. It is simple to use, always updated, and it makes me a leet WoW player. I now have the freedom of always having raid food ready and I am the top raider in my group. Thank you so much for your fishing bot.

Emily Felton – Area 52 – Joined February 2011.



Tyler Nelson Misha

I have been a wow fan since the game launched. Recently, life became way to overwhelming with work, girlfriend, and school and I couldn't farm for gold anymore. I didn't want to buy gold from some fake Chinese website and get my stuff stolen. My friend told me about and decided to give a try. Now I have more gold then I ever had and I earn it while I am away. I just wanted to give my review and say thanks.


Tyler Nelson - Misha - Joined September 2010




Pay Securely Now & instantly download your 100% Safe and Working World of Warcraft Fishing Bot and Files!


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Robert Allis Tichondrius

I wanted to give my unbiased review of this WoW Fishing Bot. It is simply amazing! I have been looking for a reliable fishing bot for wow, when my buddy told me about So I decided to give them a try and now I am lifetime customer. The bot works like a charm and it comes with great fishing information. These guys were also very polite and helped me without whatever I needed. If you are looking to use a fishing bot, then I would 100% recommend these guys. Thanks again!


Robert Allis - Tichondrius - Joined April 2013



Becca Vasos Whisperwind

I needed a way to get gold without having to buy a ton of gold. I found this website and liked the idea of my character working for me while I was away from my computer. I would highly recommend anyone needing more wow gold to get a wow fishing bot and make your character grind gold for you. I now have more gold then I can spend and I am not complaining at all LOL.


Becca Vosas - Whisperwind - Joined October 2012



T RodriguezShu'halo

i just wanted to say you guyz ROCK. Fishing bot is always updated,  i know that i'm safe using this bot with the built in protect. 100% satisfied with my purchase, can't wait for the next big updates with the programs and guides. Keep up the good work because i'm gone fishing!! Thanks! ; )


T Rodriguez - Shu'halo - Joined February 2013