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The Do’s & Don’ts Of WoW Fishing Bots

World of Warcraft Fishing Bot: Do’s and Don’tsWe love fishing in World of Warcraft!We love World of Warcraft Fishing! However we really love are computer doing all the work for us too because well we can be lazy at times too. That’s right we like all the benefits without any of the work! (But again […]

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Fishing Mastery Guide – Part 1

​Introduction To Fishing In Legion​ Hey there, anglers!   Today we are here to actually discuss the master tutorial called ‘Fishing Mastery in WoW’, and all that you need to know about fishing in the current expansion, Legion.   Why did I create this tutorial on World of Warcraft fishing?Why Fishing In World of Warcraft Legion? Well, upon […]

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7 Commandments For Safe Botting

​Introduction To Safe WoW BottingOur team has been botting since WoW came out. We have NEVER been banned because we bot smart.  I can’t emphasize smart botting enough and will be sharing 7 Easy & Helpful Commandments For Safe Botting.   Do not be greedy. As the ancient Chinese proverb says, “Greed will imprison us all.”  Take […]

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