World of Warcraft Fishing Bot: Do’s and Don’ts

We love fishing in World of Warcraft!

We love World of Warcraft Fishing!

However we really love are computer doing all the work for us too because well we can be lazy at times too. That’s right we like all the benefits without any of the work! (But again who doesn't?)

Many of us turn to easy to use and safe fishing bots but some use it to an excess, which may cause problems.

We have the do’s and don’ts with using a wow fishing bot in Legion.

If you follow these easy to read and easy to use guidelines, you will have  a great time in using a fishing bot in Legion.

However if you are doing anything listed in the Don’ts, we recommend you STOP what you are doing and START doing the Do’s when using a WoW Fishing Bot.

Here are the Do’s Of WoW Fishing Bots

  • Get fishing gears, lures, and buff your pole. – This is an important one with the increase in your fishing skill you, you dramatically increase the quality of your catches. By gaining +10 in fishing you reduce your unwanted items by 5%. If you are using a fishing bot, then it makes a huge difference because you will spend less time botting for your required catch. You can easily upgrade your fishing poles by simple quests. Check out this list here for a list of fishing pools and how to obtain them. Also do your fishing dallies, because you will get lures, fishing gear, and better fishing lines.
  • Make sure you have a lot of empty slots in your bags – Every time you are about to fish using a fishing bot. Make sure you sell all your junk items or at least store them in your bank. You will be able to hold more and fish up a small fortune.
  • Fish for 5 hours using a fishing bot and then take some time to pvp or raid – We recommend using a fishing bot for 5 hours straight and then taking a break. Usually your bags will be full within 2 hours. However if you put on the fishing bot while you sleep, you will be fine. Just wake up and then stop the fishing bot. We have never had any problems and we have been doing this non-stop since vanilla wow.
  • Go to a private area – There are a ton of great private areas in WOW. The game is huge, so this should be no problem. Just fly around find a nice lake, river, or spot along the sea and start fishes. If you come back and find you toon killed by a person. Get up and try a different spot. If you want to know the best places to fish in WOW, feel free to contact us anytime and we can help you out

The Don’ts to WoW Fishing Bots

  • Never fish for over 24 hours - If you are logged in over 24 hours, you will red flag the warden system. Anything under 24 hours and you are fine. Blizzard put this in effect because who plays a video game for 24 hours straight. It is a health concern and blizzard takes note of that.
  • Never use a free fishing bot – these are usually outdated, don’t have anti warden systems, come with zero support, and can contain viruses and malware. If you want to be 100% safe it is important you use a paid service to ensure you have the highest quality fishing bot that is updated, safe, and comes with customer service. These companies really care about your account.

If you want to fishing bot, then you should definitely read over this guide and apply these steps and guidelines immediately.

To ensure you are safe and educated on the whole fishing bot process.

If you have any questions please leave a comment bellow!

As always, Happy Fishing!


My Name is Jerymy Reeves. I created my first WoW fishing bot over 10 years ago and I have been coding fishing bots ever since. I am passionate about World of Warcraft fishing and creating the BEST Fishing Bots for WoW for players like you!

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