Fishing Mastery Guide – Part 1

Introduction To Fishing In Legion

Hey there, anglers! 

Today we are here to actually discuss the master tutorial called 'Fishing Mastery in WoW', and all that you need to know about fishing in the current expansion, Legion.

Why did I create this tutorial on World of Warcraft fishing?

Why Fishing In World of Warcraft Legion?

Well, upon popular belief that fishing cannot be profitable, it’s really boring, or it’s really hard to level up and blah, blah, blah, all those things are usually lazy people just talking out off their rear-end.

I’ve decided to create a guide about fishing so that I can dispel all the disbelief's & myths about fishing in World of Warcraft and to give you the best experience and rewards while exploring fishing in WoW.

What is fishing in Legion?​

Fishing in Legion if used properly can be highly lucrative profession that can get you the following:

  • Extremly profitable
  • Fun 
  • Used to make buff food
  • Gain rare mounts
  • Fish up rare, elite, and legendary items
  • Gain expensive items for crafting or to sell to a vendor
  • Earn rare titles
  • Gain artifact
  • Max out reputation

You can gain all those benefits, while doing something else like TV shows or streams, burning time between que pops, or eating a big fat carne asda burrito, really whatever you want to do, you get the point.

This is because fishing in WoW requires like almost no attention.

All you have to do is hear for the water to whoosh, you need to click your mouse and that’s all you need to do.

Simple enough, right?

Well before we come to conclusions, let’s talk a little bit about it.

  • What are the changes in Legion from before?
  • What are the most important things to understand?
  • How to use them in your advantage?

These are all the questions we will be talking about in this guide.

So first and foremost, the artifact weapon for fishing is called the Underlight Angler. It’s a weapon that is a fishing pole that provides all the stuff that your normal artifact offers except a tiny bit different.

To gain Underlight Angler artifact weapon you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Level 110
  • A fishing level of 800. You'll more than likely have this done by the time you finish the achievement below.
  • Obtain the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement.
  • (Optional) To earn this achievement, you must catch 18 different rare fish scatted throughout the Broken Isles. To do this, you must first catch rare bait and then use this to catch the rare fish. The drop rate of the rare bait can be quite low, but once you catch it you can usually catch the relevant rare fish every time(at least with the drop rates on the beta anyways). To make things easier on yourself, you can increase your chance to catch the rare bait by visiting Conjurer Margoss. He will sell you an item to increase the chance of acquiring the rare bait by a substantial amount.

With this artifact weapon, instead of getting damage, you’re getting fancy stuff while fishing.

For example, teleportability from pool to pool, transforming into a shark when you want to swim super-fast underwater, getting the whole pool in one cast, even fishing some rusty old boots! (good stuff I know)

I’ve actually tested this stuff. It’s not really only gray boots. Sometimes you can get green and blue boots. It’s my personal belief that you can also get rare, epic, and even legendary boots for your class.

So next thing we’re going to talk about is, baits.


Remember back in the days you have to use baits to increase fishing skill?

Well, this has all changed and I will explain more in great detail shortly.​

So now let’s jump into the basics.​

I will explain what baits are generally here.  I will explain how to obtain them all and why you will need them in the future.

The first bait we’re going to talk here, it’s called Arcane Lure.

It is used to increase your chances of obtaining a rare bait.

This bait can be bough with drowned mana from a guy called Conjurer Margoss. He is located on the an island just North of Dalaran. 

To get to him you can either fly to him or those without the flying ability you will have to head to the sewers in Dalaran to purchase Emblem of Margoss which will teleport you to him. ​

Where you buy the Emblem of Margoss

Note that this small island isn't shown on the map of Dalaran - it is outside of the bounds of the in-game map (therefore coordinates are not helpful!) 

Of course there’s an option to buy drowned mana at the auction house for a lot of gold. So for those who want to save some gold, you can always fish it yourself at the island where there is a pool of water on it from which Drowned Mana can be fished up.

Lets continue on the subject of baits.

Rare baits are the next thing you should know about.​

Let me give you an example.

If Arcane Lures are giving you chances to gain rare baits. Rare baits are giving you a chance to get rare fish.

You will have all the different types of rare fishes around Legion as well as baits, specifically 3 in each zone, 3 rare baits, 3 rare fishes and all of them are giving you the same stuff and will complete your quest to gain the fishing artifact.

Here are the best coordinates and the exact name of the rare bait you need to catch each rare fish.

Leyshimmer Blenny: (62,27) in Azsuna - Bait: Skog Toenail

Ghostly Queenfish: (52,35) in Azsuna - Bait: Rusty Queenfish

BroochNar'thalas Hermit: (52,35) in Azsuna - Bait: Pearlescent

ConchTerrorfin: (66,44) + (72,40) in Val'Sharah - Bait: Nightmare Nightcrawler

Thorned Flounder: (61,52) in Val'Sharah - Bait: Drowned Thistleleaf

Ancient Mossgill: (68,43) - In Val'Sharah - Bait: Rotten Fishbone

Coldriver Carp: (35,78) in Highmountain - Bait: Frost Worm

Mountain Puffer: (35,78) in Highmountain - Bait: Swollen Murloc Egg

Axefish: (38,10) in Highmountain - Bait: Message in a Beer Bottle

Anchient Highmountain Salmon: (35,78) in Highmountain - Bait: Funky Sea Snail

Thundering Stormray: (47,63) in Stormheim - Bait: Moosehorn Hook

Oodelfjisk: (47,63) in Stormheim - Bait: Ancient Vrykul Ring

Graybelly Lobster: (54,20) in Stormheim -Bait: Soggy Drakescale

Seabottom Squid: (54,20) in Stormheim - Bait: Stunned, Angry Shark

Ancient Black Barracuda: (72,55) In Suramar - Bait: Decayed Whale Blubber​

Before reaching 800 fishing, you will gain 5+ skill from every rare fish caught. After reaching 800 skill cap in fishing you will get artifact instead. The artifact you get from each successful catch is about 50+ artifact.​

Quick Note - Keeping the rare fish before you reach level 800 fishing won’t transform into artifact. So, use them when you are leveling up because it will only hep you level up quicker.​

OK. So, this is the very basic stuff you need to know about fishing in Legion.

The next guides about fishing 1 to 800 in just 5 minutes, how to get maximum artifact fast, what are the best gold farming methods with fishing, & much more!

Happy Fishing!


My Name is Jerymy Reeves. I created my first WoW fishing bot over 10 years ago and I have been coding fishing bots ever since. I am passionate about World of Warcraft fishing and creating the BEST Fishing Bots for WoW for players like you!

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